1) Seminar teknik menjawab soalan Matematik dan Sains UPSR akan diadakan pada hari sabtu minggu hadapan bersamaan 23 April 2011.

2)Kepada semua murid tahun 6 diharap bersedia untuk menghadapi ujian PKSR 1 selaras PPD Hulu Selangor yang akan dijalankan pertengahan Mei 2011.

English Language

 Assalamualaikum wbr.. and Hello , children

'What a scary lesson.", You may think English Language is such a difficult subject and it can be the cause to the lost of interest in learning it. Actually, children.. I was just like you before.. I was surrounded by 'non-English Language speakers' but, I found out that it is actually interesting!

Right now, as you notice it or not, English Language helps me MORE in communicating.. and to get LOTS of friends..ehem! as well...
You'll find it out and definitely will agree with  me, one day.. Trust me!

Here, please have a look at the sample of questions for paper 2 (which I realize only a few can score 40/40, maybe)

Here is the SECTION A.

If you read the top statement carefully, you'll see that time suggested is 15 minutes. That means the time approximated is 3 minutes for a sentence. I think it's quite long..Therefore:- look, read and write carefully, okay!


1.          Look at the picture very carefully. You can circle any actions done in the picture. Be sure that there are:-

i. subject
(The person or things seen in the picture)

ii. verb
(can be, actions, verbs to be, modals,..etc)


iii. objects
(can be something, someone )  or preposition plus location and [time (seldom)]

If you can relate what you can see with the words provided, wow! That's great! You can write your sentences confidently. I believe in you! You can! Malaysia Boleh!..ahaks..

2.          If not necessary, please avoid writing a name for the subject. You can use nouns such as, the girl, the children, some of the pupils, etc. as the subject. It's important because it actually tests your vocabulary and understanding in English Language.

3.          Write your sentence with correct sentence structure.
Means, which comes first, must come first..

4.          Vary your sentences. That means, do not use the same kind of sentence to all your outcomes. That's boring!!!! No variety...

 5.          Write your sentences separately but read them as the whole. Do you get me? It means, write the main idea as the FIRST sentence.
E.g: 1. There are some pupils in the library.
Then, write the other sentences, following whichever you like. Your first sentence can be the indicator of your understanding of the picture. You know, it is just like..the first impression of your whole answers.

I think that's all, children. I'll continue afterward,.... when my fingers totally stop aching...Hahaha!!

by: Teacher Fadzlina

 P/S To learn more on tips and techniques in answering English Language Paper 1 and Paper 2, please go to this site:


fadzneill said...

Please spend some of your precious time to follow all the tips... Wish all of SKTBR1 pupils, the best in UPSR 2010.. Insyallah

Neill-lyn said...

This website also provides tips in answering Paper 2